Five Ways to Boost Content Appeal With Video

video_ideasVideo content is taking the B2B world by storm. It’s estimated that more video content is uploaded in 30 days than all three major TV networks have created in 30 years. Yet the true appeal of video content is the ROI. It seems that content combined with video can give content a big boost in engagement. Not convinced? Consider these stats:

Video in an email can boost CTR by as much as 300%.

Landing-page conversion can improve 80% with the addition of video.

Full-page ads combined with video can boost engagement by 22%.

What’s the best way to use video in your content? Here are five ideas to get you started.

  1. Interviews

Interviews make great videos, so interview a customer for a case study report that highlights your great work. Or interview a subject matter expert on your staff on a trending technology topic, customer questions or future trends. Heading out to a conference or trade show? Schedule some one-on-one time with attendees and speakers willing to be featured in a video on hot new topics.

  1. How-tos

Make a how-to video to simplify a complicated topic or to explain how your product or service works. Tired of getting incomplete job applications? Upload a video that takes candidates through their application step by step. Getting a lot of product questions in your call center? Make a sales or customer support video to answer common questions.  Leverage your videos on the customer support pages of your website for maximum viewing.

  1. Reviews

It’s estimated that 86% of buyers rely on online reviews during their buying process. Imagine how much traction your blog, email or website could receive if it featured an in-depth product review video. Be sure to seek out a credible influencer or vlogger for an in-depth review of your product or service. Do a video search to see which vloggers are covering your product sector.

  1. Showdowns/mash-ups

Everyone loves a good product showdown. So how does your product fare in a battle of “who’s best”? Use mash-ups to demonstrate the differences between your and your competitors’ products. A mash-up of two or three different products is great for displaying where your product fits into the market and lets customers get an apples-to-apples comparison before making a purchase.

  1. Demos

Let your customers see how a product works before they buy. It’s estimated that 90% of users feel videos are helpful in their purchase decision. A demo video lets your prospects “try” your product – virtually – before they buy. Seeing a product in action can answer a lot of their questions and give you an opportunity to showcase product features and benefits in action.

Maximize your video views when you:

  • Share them on social channels.
  • Embed them in landing pages.
  • Promote them in blog posts.
  • Host them on your website.
  • Include them in case studies and e-books.

Leverage video appeal in your content campaign. Contact us to get started with our video scriptwriting services.